Project Rebirth

Project Rebirth provides real time access to ongoing World Trade Center reconstruction activities and events. My role in this project was to design the interaction and to develop the XML-driven timeline which delivers fluid viewing of time-lapse footage captured by six, 35mm time-lapse cameras positioned by Project Rebirth around the World Trade Center site. It incorporated what would ultimately be ten years of film footage without inundating visitors and yet communicated the passage of substantial amounts of time. On average, visitors are staying on the site 19 minutes, which is significant in comparison to Internet-wide stays at sites with similar content. Interestingly, international users comprise 30% of all visitors Awards & Recognitions + One Show Interactive Merit Award + Communication Arts’ Design Interact Site of the Week + Omni Intermedia Awards, Bronze Winner + Graphis Interactive Annual + WMA Web Awards Best Non-Profit Website

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